Saturday, March 12, 2011

new releases 3/11

Things are finally getting organized around here. This is the first wave of tapes. Coming soon: Moltar "Dirigible" c30, Hostage Pageant "Negative Symptoms" c20, Darger "Big Bast +1" c45. ALL TAPES ARE $5PPD or GET 5 FOR $20! Paypal

AT13 Plague Mother & Skin Graft "Wounds" split c30 - From the gutters of Cleveland come two sides of relentless disgust and contempt. Side A is "Vowbreaker," the introductory offering from Plague Mother, a new project from Roman J (Arsonist's Prayer, Lockstep). The gurgling sounds of cesspools swell into crunching, screeching, and other frantic sounds. Side B has legendary noise-master Wyatt Howland repeatedly assaulting us all with "Crisis". This is what collapse sounds like. Edition of 50.

AT14 Xterminal"Yield." c32 - Robert Beveridge has been a stalwart of the Cleveland noise scene for over a decade, and with Xterminal he has forged a reputration for terrifying soundscapes. Yield is his latest work - a stark, cold, frightening continuation of a firmly established legacy. Low end rumbles and almost non-present tones confuse and betray your senses. Edition of 30.

AT20 Chasms "Octahedrite" c5 - Cody Kirkendall is 1/2 of Darger, but on his solo work he forgoes all beauty in favor of terror. 2 short blasts of harsh synth insanity. This seriously sounds like a Moog being put through a trash compactor. I described this before as what would happen if Skin Graft got a synth. Edition of 30.

AT22 Andrew Kirschner "Chemical Burn" c20 - Tooth played a show here in Cleveland late this past summer, and the low end was so disgusting he blew the P.A. speaker. Its that kind of absurd nastiness that he exemplifies on side A. Side B was recorded several years ago, edited and remixed for this release. Edition of 40.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Arsonist's Prayer - "Forced Hand"

C-20 released in May 0f 2010 by Mistake By The Lake in an edition of 50. Out of print.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Arsonist's Prayer - "Schizoid"

c-22 released in January 2010 in an edition of 65. out of print.

Michael James - "Funeral. Home. Heart."

c-20 released in April of 2010 in an edition of 50. out of print.

Lurker - "Twitch"

released in June 2010. 25 CD-Rs in 5 x 6" envelopes. out of print.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lurker - "Night Terrors"

released in May 2010. 25 CD-Rs in 5 x 6" envelopes. out of print.